DIET vs TNTJ – TNTJ using abusive language


Published: 5 years ago

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DIET vs TNTJ – TNTJ using abusive language

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  1. ss says:

    When u tell pj to preach and argue in a decent way, quran 16.125, he might say that this verse is not a part of the quran ,as it goes against him. similarly if u point out any hadith to avoid lies and foul language, that hadith will also be rejected by pj since he will not be able to understand it. thats the state of people who abuse sahaaba and salaf.

    If pj keeps rejecting and accepting according to his whim and fancy, then what is his religion based on? his intellect? then i would rather follow the intellect of the sahaaba and salaf than follow the intellect of this foul mouthed man in chennai who has come up with something no one has ever come up with, just like a man who came up with similar exotic theory (g.a QADIANI).

    Is there any hadith even according to pj predicting that pj will come up in chennai and preach the true religion and prove 1400 years of islamic study by thousands of islamic scholars false?

    Is there a hadith that says pj will correct and lead the muslim ummaah after 1400 years of darkness? come on people, think at the basic level with some common sense, and leave this man’s ideas.

    We pray for his and his followers guidance , health and well being and to be united with us on the right way.

  2. munawwar ahmed says:

    May Allah guide us all and may Allah keep us away from such fitnaas.. aameen.

  3. imbran says:

    may guide us to the straight path

  4. sheikimtiaz says:

    Even No difference same quality same attitude those (TNTJ)fans(SLTJ)lives in sri lanka. Same treatment for our ulama.Hope he might say before he die (I am prophet).No wonder fans will.

  5. imthiyas says:

    May Allah hu tala give PJ hiyadath again.

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