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Alhamdulilah we have got very good response from all Muslims and especially from those who follow Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Sahabah & the Salaf.

Many have requested on how they can cooperate on this project InshaAllah.

For those who want to join in on this work.. pls contact us through the CONTACT (click here) page in the website.

Specifically How it can be done is

Upload small but crisp videos of is errors – 15-20 min videos – with clear title mentioning what the video contains – and a small description of the video.

Once if you upload the same in youtube – kindly send the links – we can integrate it in our website InshaAllah.

Share the site among your friends and other Muslim brother – so that they all know the truth InshaAllah.

19 Responses to “Join Us”

  1. Mohamed Irshath says:

    Assalamu alaikum…masha Allah..good work.. yet there is an another video regardinig refuting pj…the speech is almost 1.30 hours..first part is about sahaba (ral) and another half is about full and full refuting brother..Kovai Ayub (Jamyiyyathu Ahlil Quran wal Hadees)..the link is
    you can also similar videos regarding refuting pj in youtube,,just type refute pj in can find more videos..jazakallah..

  2. Aboo Zainab says:

    Dear Brother,

    Assalamu alaikum..,

    A good work to create awareness in the tamil world, Alhamdhulillah.. But, may I know which team this website belong to…? We shall know each other & have a good relationship among each other having, same ideology.

    * U can also add a very good lecture of Shk.Mufthi Omar Sheriff Qasimi on the topic, “Tholamaikku therndhedukka patta samudhayam”, in which he speaks about sahabaa’s status in dheen & TNTJ’s ignorance in approaching dheen.


    • Admin says:

      Kindly send the youtube link of the video you have mentioned.

      With regards to the team – the team comprises of various individuals from various organizations in India who have Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Salaf as their ideology.. alhamdulilah..

  3. Sabeer Hussain says:

    First of all Pj followers tawheed is wrong. Their tawheed is like shiya muslims. Quran, hadith, pj words.

    If idiot PJ said anything they will follow.

    PJ need money and I am thinking he is agent of western. If you see PJ followers their face is hard because they always speaking about other muslim jamths.

    Pj idiot not teaching the good manners to his followers. I cannot say other than this he is munavik. See his PJ face first.

    • Admin says:

      Brother it is not advisable to use harsh words like the PJ followers do.. but we pray to Allah to Guide them to the Straight Path…

      • Sabeer Hussain says:

        Assalamu Alaikum.

        Thank you for your advice. I apologize for my harsh word. But one thing he (PJ) is dividing Muslims in tamilnadu. I am worried about tamilnadu young Muslims especially from middle east.

        Why I am using harsh word. Weekly two to three TTJ members I met then they start argue with me. I giving good examples and answers. But they don’t agree.

        Such as One TTJ member asked me Imam Abu Hanifa How possible he prayed from isha odhu to fajr odhu. I said really I don’t know but it can be possible if anyone try. He said it is not logic. I asked can you pull the car through the teeth, can you drive flight. He said no. I said their is people can do it. If you can’t do it, you cannot say that word nobody can do it.

        Thousands things like that you cannot understand but people are doing. Because they are tried.

        Don’t thing I am in Laddu Jamath.

  4. Abu Nabeel says:

    Bro Sabeer Hussain rightly said, that these guys PJ/TNTj/SLTJ do not know the dawa methodology of humbleness and etiquette instead they humiliate the Muslims who are not in line with their thoughts and ideology. We have to understand our religion and its methodology as understood and practiced by the Sahaabaas then only it will be acceptable, we cannot use words like criminals, fraud, to ascribe to the Holy companions of the Prophet (sal). These guys are real market guys and they should be warned by true Muslims against using degrading and humiliating words on Sahabas. Any good Muslim must warn him personally to not to humiliate in the honor of Muslims in the internet. A very bad taste PJ mind your language.

  5. Sabeer Hussain says:

    I will ask dua for this website to join all muslims against PJ.

    He is doesn’t know tamil grammar or Arabic grammar perfectly how come he translate holy quran. Kindly his followers should know about his previous history.

    His followers should analyse what he is saying it is correct or not.

    Ya allah save this umma from stupid people.

  6. Sabeer Hussain says:

    PJ followers they said don’t follow the imams( Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Safi, Hambli & Maliki)

    Then they are following Stupid imam(PJ) what a joke.

  7. Sabeer Hussain says:

    If the four imam said aginst Prophet (peace be upon him)we will not follow this imams but not like that.

    But PJ followers what PJ said that only they are following. How come he refues 50 sahih hadees.

    Pj followers please think about this. He is following Prophet way or his own way.

    • Admin says:

      we need to know that there have been hundreds of Imams other than the four known… It is not an obligation to follow any one nor is it that following Imams is preferred… Taqleed is not advisable..

      We need to follow Islam from its Sources.. ie Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Salaf… not blindly follow Imam Abu Hanifa or Imam Malik or for that matter PJ…

  8. Sabeer Hussain says:

    Imams they are not prophet. They can also make mistakes. I agreed that.

    Note : But, one thing if we don’t understand or we don’t know about we cannot say that it is wrong.

    They did good job for Islam they spent their whole life. If anything wrong we don’t want follow.

    I am also saying don’t follow imams blindly. But don’t compare thier life with this PJ.

    • Admin says:

      The point here is that following Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Salaf / Sahabah… and not doing Taqleed by being Hanafis or Shafis, etc..

      Imams did a great service.. but we also need to know… but if the say for ex.. If Imam Abu Hanifa was not born.. would it have affected Islam…


      Allah’s Religion is not dependent of Imams.. but Allah has made it obligatory to follow what Allah and His Messenger advised as was done by the Sahabah…

  9. Mohamed Abdullah says:

    Alhamthurillah, They are doing some mistake, they will come back to (Straight line), pray for them

  10. Sheik Abdullah says:

    Alhamthulillah !!! If all the TNTJ PJ Worshippers join the Quran Wal Sahih Hadees, then It will be better for them in the Aakhirah. Then Islam will be very stronger in Tamil Nadu because the One thing the TNTJ PJ worshippers great are at jihad i.e Field Activity(not sure if they do it for the sake of Allah Subhaanthwaala or for Worldly benefits(Allah Aalum)… I have been posting all the Videos of in facebook to My Tamil Muslim brothers and Sisters. Alhamthulillah, If they all leave this KUFR vaathi Shaytaan ul Islam PJ, then Allah Akbar, It will be a big Success for us… We can be very strong in Tamil Nadu… May Allah make it happen !!! May Allah bless web site… Assalamu Alaikkum warah matullahi wa barakhatuhu !!!

  11. MOHAMED KASSIM says:


    Just want to know,is there any other website of any other scholars to be refuted.If this website is for PJ what about other scholars who also differ in MAjor issues of Islam in India.Is the team planning to make another website for other scholars.
    Because it wont be Fair to just pick on one scholar and leave out other scholars conveniently.

    I hope the team will consider it just like how they have started for PJ.

    I think humanity is same everywhere.Its not just TNTJ people who uses harsh words,i can see that even comments in this website people use harsh words.

    So again many things are double standard.

    So i hope the team considers my request and if the team feels that no other scholars are differing in major issues in india,please comment and will give the context

    Jazakallah Khair

    • Admin says:


      Just to clarify – no one is interested to pick any scholar, but locally in TN we felt this issue should be show to people with clarity, since there has been a lot of misguidance happening done by TNTJ/PJ

      Definitely as you had said there are other people in India or globally who might be doing similar harm, we advice you can start a website to guide people from these kind of fitna makers.

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