Nabiyum Thozarum Inaiwaithargala??


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Errors concerning Sahabah by PJ


seyyid ahmed itkana maruppu

ஸையித் இப்றாஹீமிற்கான மறுப்பு

Refutation of

நபியும் தோழரும் இணைவைத்தார்களா? Part 03

One Response to “Nabiyum Thozarum Inaiwaithargala??”

  1. H.S.Nizamullah says:

    Brother syed ibrahim is a key puppet! actual the key operator is pj! Syed ibrahim
    group even challenge to Imam bukhari rahamahullah for the direct argument! Thanks
    to ALMIGHTY ALLAH who take the life of bukhari rahamahullah even long before these kind of people’s birth! Even 10 years continue study will not be enough for knowing the usoolul hadheeth! lot of people who spend their whole life for the hadheeth accepted that even their whole life is not enough for knowing the usools! jazakallahu khair brother mujahid! may Allah strengthen your heart with knowledge to fight against these modern fitnas!

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