PJ Supporter vs Salafi

PJ Supporter vs Salafi Discussion Summary –

The discussion is between a MUHAMMED SALAFI and Nazeer TNTJ. The summary of the discussion is given for people to understand – very simply the view InshaAllah. The whole discussion is also attached at the end alhamdulilh.


Pls list down the mistakes by the Dayee – (Dr.Zakir Naik) – etc


We list goodness of people not mistakes of dayees.


Why you people support some dayees like Zakir Naik and opposes others like P.J. Zainul Abideen


We support those who are on the way of the Salaf ie (who understand and follow Quran and Sunnah as understood by Sahabah, Tabieen, Tabetabieen). We might differ with them on minor issues – but advice them,

But for those who differ on major issues of Islam or those who go against Way of the Sahabah / Salaf – we oppose them publicly – we think view put forward by people like PJ are a fitna to muslims. No one can understand Islam better than the Sahabahs.

Look at the website for www.pjfitna.com


Then why you organized Science in Quran lectures – Sahabah’s didn’t have knowledge of science – but now a days we have more knowledge than them.


We can understand what u are meaning to (science was not known to sahabah – now a days every one knows – that we have better understanding on religion than sahabah).

Let it be clear – we don’t oppose sahabah collective view – ur question doesnt take a itto credit from sahabah InshaAllah

Allah explained to then what they understood of Islam and – in what they understood and practiced of Islam Allah says He is satisfied of them… we dont oppose sahabah in those issues…

We know you people follow PJ and speak in crocked ways like this. Tell me few scholars who has views like what PJ has on these issues – any where. Scholar according your understanding itself – is there no other scholar other than PJ. Then u follow Manhaj of PJ


(silence – no other name of scholars mentioned – as there are none)

We don’t follow manhaj of PJ but only Quran and Sunnah – I am Muslim


Then tell me who you follow

Yes we also follow Quran and Sunnah but as understood by the Sahabah.

Tell me any scholar who had ur view – did u and Pj drop from sky with Islam from Allah

Quran and Sunnah was revealed to Sahabah first – not to PJ or his blind followers.

I am Muslim and Salafi by Manhaj

You are Muslim and PJ ite by Manhaj.. ie on PJ Manhaj


No we are not on PJ Manhaj


Then tell me any one scholar other than PJ who propagates your views… You are PJ ite or Nazeer ite (ie you have your own understanding – manhaj)


(silence – no other name of scholars mentioned – as there are none)


Only Quran and Sunnah, Why you don’t want to Debate


You people don’t debate – but abuse people.

Allah says “”And the servants of al-Rahman are the ones who walk on earth humbly, and when the ignorant ones address them, they say: Salam (Peace)! (25:63)””

Islam is not justified by debate but what Allah revealed to his Messengers sal and as understood by Sahabah.


Again I say

I am Muslim and Salafi by Manhaj ie I follow Quran and Sunnah as understood by the Salaf (Consensus correct opinions of the Sahabah, Tabieen, Tabetabieen)

You are Muslim but the Manhaj of PJ or PJ ite or u have ur own Manhaj ie you follow how you understand

Sahabah understanding is better than PJ understanding or your understand.

There is no other scholars other than PJ who says your views….

Fear Allah – those who oppose the Sahabah Way are destroyed

Islam was first revealed to Sahabah and they understood and Allah vouches for their understanding as Him being satisfied..

Allah has not vouched for PJ understanding or Nazeer understanding of Quran and Sunnah

Any understanding other than the understanding of the Sahabah is doomed whether it be PJ or it be of Nazeer




1. Mr. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) says that there are Mistakes in Qur’an. And according to him, the Qur’an is preserved in the recitation only not in written form

2. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J)  rejects 50 ahaadeeth from Saheehul Bukhari and Saheeh Muslim.

3. Mr. P. Zainul Abideen (P.J) says that only once Zakat given in a life time on a particular wealth is sufficient; and that one need not give Zakaath on it again every year.

4. P. Zainul Abideen  (P.J) puts forward his view ahead of the understanding of the Sahaabaa, and thereby contradicts the methodology of the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah.

5. P. Zainul Abideen  (P.J) denies Black Magic – Sihar, even if there are ahaadeeth found in Saheeh Bukhari and other books of hadeeth.

The above views are against the view of Ahlus Sunnah and Jamaah – and keeping the above it was decided that their falsehood be kept open to the muslims so that they don’t fall into the traps of TNTJ and PJ and also for their followers to take guidance InshaAllah.

14 Responses to “PJ Supporter vs Salafi”

  1. k.sakaf says:

    MUHAMMED SALAFI brother make to duva for pj and pj followers mashaallah i read this page good reply iam from karaikal

  2. Nazri Nizar says:

    Dear Brothers of Ahlus Sunnah and Jamaah, Assalamu Alaykum,
    Every true Muslims must contribute in unmasking this PJ and his pseudo tawheed. These are destroyers of the Deen which has been subjected to many fitnas since Prophet Sallallahu Alayhiwasallam’s period until the end time. PJ masquerading as speaking for Tawheed,gaining the good will of the Muslims but in fact, he has proved time and again that his agenda is to destroy and desecrate the essence of the Creed of Islam. All the evidence put forward by the scholars (Jazahummullah Khair) against this cancer (PJ) is convincing and beyond any doubts. Therefore, every Ulama of the Manhaj of the Salaf-us-Saalih, Talabat ul Ilm and the general Muslims must rise up against these dajjals using all available means of communication and mass media to portray the true color of these PJ/SLTJ ( Sri Lanka stooges of the PJ/TNTJ dajjals.

  3. NIZAMULLAH says:

    Dear brother Mohammed salafi Assalamu alaikum! Jazakallahu khair! thank you for your convincing answers!and you debate is in a very decent manner! I wonder brother Nazeer tntj supporter mentioned that “sahabas did not have knowledge of science” it is the sahabas who went and conquer spain and established ALLAH’s Deen and wrote lot of science books and thesis! Is PJ is a nobel prize winner in the field of science? the persons who follow the scholar PJ, is made their mind as PJ is better than sahabas! they follow as if PJ make a thing halaal they will make it halaal and PJ make a thing haraam they will make it haraam! If PJ make a authenticated Hadeeth as week hadhith they also treat that hadeeth as week! think

  4. nazri says:

    A true scholar of Islam will not say ” I know everything ” nor issue Fatwa instantaneously. Even Imamuna Ahmed bin Hanbal, when asked for Fatawas, he simply distant himself from committing fatawas by simply saying I do not know, Allaah knows best. The Salafs never went to debates and abused people, never told women to come out and do demonstrations carrying placards, never formed parties and appointed Ameers, never never denied any verse of the Quraan, never denied nor condemned the method practiced by Sahabas, because if you deny the Sahabas, then you denied the Hadees. If you deny one Saheeh Hadees, then you better not say we follow Quraan and Sunnah. So we have identified PJ and his crooked ways. He is treading on the Mu’thazila Aqeedah. We have to warn all Muslims to keep away from this parasites.

  5. Mohammed Nadeem says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum,
    Dear Brothers/Sisters,
    Mr. PJ’s name was Zainul Abideen Meaning One who surpasses all in worship.
    But now you see ALLAH has changed his name from PZ to PJ P Jainul Abideen meaningless in Islam or one who surpasses all the jains.

    See the Hikmah in the ALLAH’s doing. We need to understand and never put his name as P. Zainul Abideen since he itself accepts it as Mr. PJ or it should have been PZ.

    Let Allah give hidaya to him and everyone to follow the right path.

  6. nazri says:

    There are many more issues which seriously needed to be scrutinized PJ claims that Heavens and Hell has not been created yet, PJ ridicule Allaah Azza Wa Jall descending to the lower heaven in the last part of the night every day (PJ’s logic says if Allaah (Azza Wa Jall) descent to the lower heaven every day, the Arsh will remain vacant (Laa hawla Wala Quwwatha Illa billaah) PJ is a cancer and immediate action by the Ulama of India and Sri Lanka to condemn PJ and his ideology must be prioritized to safe guard the Muslim Ummah from falling into this trap.

  7. sheikimtiaz says:

    29 lairs have gone.One remain,May be (pj)

  8. Thowfiq says:

    Asslamu alaikum,,dear brothers please don’t follow PJ,,,avoid pj

  9. zahir bukhari says:

    Assalaamu alaikum ,
    Dear brother Mohammed salafi keep it up your good work against these fitnaas. Please see my replies to these useless guys. http://suvanappiriyan.blogspot.in/2014/08/blog-post_16.html

  10. m naleem says:

    i was also tntj supporter now i know there are very dangerous

  11. Nizamullah says:

    Assalamu alaikum!
    May ALLAH pour HIS blessings on your whole team! I am eagerly waiting for these articles in tamil! because majority of the tntj people are not knowing the fitna of PJ!

  12. razif embi says:

    Peace to you brother …

    Im from Malaysia. There are also PJ supporters here.

    Very weird of them to believed this kind of teaching.

  13. Reefa says:

    Assalamu alaikum (varah).. Dear Brothers of Ahlus Sunnah and Jamaah, I want to know about salathun naariya..can you please explain about it? One of my friend says that it is a shirk.. Asthagfirullah..I dont find so..Please explain..

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