PJ using bad words on Sahaba -2


Published: 5 years ago

Category: Errors concerning Sahabah by PJ



PJ using bad words on Sahaba -2

9 Responses to “PJ using bad words on Sahaba -2”

  1. Jahirudeen says:

    what bad word using in this speach?……..

  2. Imran says:

    Yo Admin, Wats wrong with the speech, There is no reason to follow any sahabas’ also lemme know in this 1.52 video clip which part he has said bad speech?

    learn properly, investigate, just dont blindly believe everything, What ever p.j has said , we dont blindly listen to him yet we cross check quran and sunnnah(hadith)

    • Admin says:

      If Sahabahs have not to be followed then.. why should PJ be..??

      Has PJ understood Islam better than the Sahabah..??

      For Sahabah’s understanding or following of Islam – Allah has said that he is satisfied by them….

      Did Allah say that he is satisfied by PJ following of Islam or his understanding???

      • Sam says:

        Companions of messengers are not necessarily to be true believers.

        Even after seen many miracles, only 2 true believers among the people of Musa. Quran[5:23]

        Same with Esa and also same with Muhammed. Among the companions of prophet Muhammed, there are hypocrites which he is not aware of. Quran [9:101]

  3. Abu Nabeel says:

    We have to understand and practice Islam in the purest way only by learning from the system and method how the sahabas adopted. No question No problems since the Sahabas did not innovate their own ways in religion but obeyed with utmost love and followed sincerely what Prophet (Sal ) taught so PJ should not changed that pattern nor has he any right to adopt PJ views or methodology, since PJ has problems accepting many Hadees of Bukhary and Muslims so we better tell PJ to get lost and we on our part have to warn the Muslims of the dangerous course taken by PJ and vehemently attack at every given opportunity to safe guard our Deen.

  4. Thowfiq says:

    PJ is refuting ijmaa e sahaba and refuting bukari hadith and creating doubts and making confusion in ummah

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