TNTJ Abbas Ali – PJ – Why I left TNTJ


Published: 3 years ago

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Tntj விலிருந்து விலகியது ஏன்? அப்பாஸ் அலி தன்னிலை விளக்கம்-part1

4 Responses to “TNTJ Abbas Ali – PJ – Why I left TNTJ”

  1. Barik Ali says:

    Assalamu Aliakkum

    From Thowheed Jamath only I have learnt islam.

    From past ramalan I had a guilty feel to stay in thowheed jamath.

    in lailathul kadr nights, there was a question answer quiz program happened.

    They have made so many saheeh hadis laif.

    They told silly reasons to reject those hadis, but we have chance to accept those hadis with some explanation and research.

    I support Brother Abbas Ali now.

    I am expecting his explanations regarding Sihr.

    In my circle I am sharing the problems with TNTJ.

    Brothers who all reading my post, please pray for me to die in right path.


  2. naeem says:

    Can i get abbas ali’s number

  3. peternott says:

    TNTJ is the modern day Mu’tazila. PJ has gone to such a low level and arrogant boaster no sensible Muslim will consider him to be a Muslim. His Eemaan is Questionable. Because he criticize the Sahaabaas. Who ever who critize a Sahabah he cannot remain a Muslim.

  4. Noorul Ameen says:

    Assalam alaikum, brother its good that you are out of TNTJ. ….Now fear Allah and speak the truth to the people.

    The members in TNTJ have become like shepherds following blindly the terribly misguided manhaj of P jainul abdeen.

    We should understand the Quran and the sunnah just as the sahabas understood them.

    Not like these (Jahil) ignorant and unworthy preachers from TNTJ making fun, ridiculing and belittling the sahabas. Rejecting authentic and sound hadiths based on their faulty intellect.

    Brother Abbas Ali…I sincerely advise you to go and get a job and income and don’t be a paid speaker for any organisation. Otherwise you got to conform yourself to their misguided ideology even when you know its not the truth.

    The great imam and scholar of hadith Imam Muhammad Nasiruddin al-Albani (may Allah be pleased with him)in his early days was a clock and watch repairer while he did his research and dawah as well.

    May Allah bless you with a strong Eeman and Taqwa and guide you. Insha Allah.

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