TNTJ PJ Attack on Makka Masjid Imam – Refutation


Published: 4 years ago

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TNTJ PJ Attack on Makka Masjid Imam – Refutation

PJ -யின் தூண்டுதலால் TNTJ-வினர் மௌலானா ஷம்சுதீன் காசிமி அவர்களின் குடும்பத்தின் மீது தாக்குதல் !!
– மௌலானா ஷம்சுதீன் காசிமியின் கண்டனம்


8 Responses to “TNTJ PJ Attack on Makka Masjid Imam – Refutation”

  1. humera syed says:

    really they r not muslims those who possess a very rough behaviours,u know our prophet sallalahu alaihi wasallam was having very noble characters,he first impressed through his noble behaviours by loving,kind,truthful,just,forgiving mashaalah later he (s.a.w)started preaching about islam.if we want to be islamic first we shud learn his (s.a.w)noble characters.inshallah we will be great in front of Allah.

  2. Lathifa says:

    Wat happnd to those Tntj people…if pj tells anything they will do immediately ah…I wanna ask those broz don’t hav sense to think which we should do and we should not?are u a Muslim?a true Muslim will never do lik this a true Muslim will not hurt any1..TNTJ broz don’t think that whatever u r doing is correct….IN DUNYA u may hav supports of many people..but in Aakhira there won’t be any1 to help u people hav to answer ALLAH Swt He is all known…..brothers plZ understand the facts don’t simply follow Pj He is not ALLLAH he is not Rasool…he is not a sahabah too…he is just a human being lik us…bro pj u hav to answer Allah for making people to be lik this….realize it mistakes and rectify it,ask forgiveness to Allah…May ALLAH give his hidayah to u and May ALLAH mak ur heart to be pure and May Allah guide in right path…May Allah help the sisters and brothers in TNTJ to understand that PJ is in wrong path….Aaameeen ya Rabb

  3. abdullah says:

    P J is a big trial for the muslims in Tamil Nadu. May Allah save us from this fitna. All those of his fans in TNTJ are devoid of proper Islamic knowledge. He has denied many hadiths in the Sahih bukhari…related to black magic.

    I advice brother Shamsuddin Qasmi to be patient and instead of saying that you won’t forgive that sayeed ibrahim.. its the sunnah that you forgive him IF…IF he comes seeking for your forgiveness… May ALLAH(swt)guide us all Insha Allah.

  4. kadher says:

    respected moulana please be patient may almighty allah reward you and ur family wit his grace

  5. M.Mohamed Rabek says:

    Pj is basically a fraud.We had supported financilly and physically at begining stage of Tavjjmmilnadu Muslim Munatra Kalagam for only Muslims gets education, awereness to use the Government scolerships and aid affected muslims and unit the muslim community.But he workhard to divide the muslims by small matters which is handled by jews and bloody christians.We can not say TNTJ is non politicalparty.Because from the begining the arrai vakkadu bloody Pj support any one party after that he will get back his support which make muslims with confussion and it give the boost to not consider as a matter.They use him as an joker.His party members who getting some post,using them for their personaljobs,for example real estates frauds using their post to rowdism and chitting innocent peoples.Because innocent people belive them that they will be correct. I can show many example.TNTJ doing which is not benefit to community,instead it doing all things wrong manner.

  6. M.Mohamed Rabek says:

    PJ is a bloody who divide the muslims community like Jews and christians.TNTJ many times makes the confusion when they support any one party and return back their sypport. It clearly shows the Muttal,arrai vakkadu PJ as a joker and muslims votes as invaluvable.We support financially and physically(from Dubai) in the beginning stage of TMMK for the reasons of education awereness,to use the Government Quotas,and to aid affected peoples.But now it create the diviation between muslims throgh small matters.It is followed mostly by uneducated and muttal muslims.Already some muslim groups like shia ,pora,Ahamadia bloody muslims are aginst the Sunny muslims.Now TNTJ also.My brothers and sisters pls understand the pJsaim.Now a days Tntj also used by the some persons who get posting,to rowdism and real estate katta panjayathu.

  7. Feroz says:

    The biggest fitna in Islam are Muslims who sow seed of hatred amongst ourselves. It was not right for respected Makkamasjid Imam to compare women’s attendance of TNTJ protest to Zaniya hadith. It is equally not appropriate that this boy -Syed Ibrahim to use a henious foul language about Makkamasjid Imam. I respect Mr PJ and MakkaMasjid imam both. They are two good scholars in my belief. it is Ok to have a difference in opinion about things like Jinn possession. it is high time that these brothers in Islam who has almost similar creed (Tawheed) to come together and enlighten our people instead of doing poolitics. May Allah guide.

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